Teri Hatcher as Muthr: Behind the Scenes of 'WondLa' - Apple TV+
Pop Culture Unplugged w/ EliasJune 28, 202400:04:42

Teri Hatcher as Muthr: Behind the Scenes of 'WondLa' - Apple TV+

Join host Elias on Pop Culture Unplugged for an exciting interview with Teri Hatcher, the voice of Muthr in the new Apple/Skydance adventure series 'WondLa.' Get exclusive details, behind-the-scenes insights, and the inspiration behind this must-watch show. Don’t miss out on this captivating interview, only on Pop Culture Unplugged!

ABOUT “WondLa”

“WondLa” centers around Eva, voiced by Jeanine Mason (“Roswell, New Mexico”), a curious, enthusiastic, and spirited teenager being raised in a state-of-the-art underground bunker by Muthr, a robot caretaker voiced by Emmy Award nominee Teri Hatcher (“Desperate Housewives”). On her 16th birthday, an attack on Eva’s bunker forces her onto the Earth's surface, now inhabited by aliens and covered with otherworldly fauna. Earth is now called Orbona, and Eva finds herself alone with no other humans. She is joined by Otto, a lovable giant water bear with whom Eva shares telepathic powers, voiced by Emmy Award winner Brad Garrett (“Everybody Loves Raymond”), and Rovender, a cantankerous alien with a troubled past, voiced by Gary Anthony Williams (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows”). Together, they embark on a dangerous quest to find humans, her home, and her true destiny.

Also lending their voices to the cast are Chiké Okonkwo (“The Birth of a Nation,” “La Brea”) as Besteel, the greatest hunter in all of Orbona; D.C. Douglas ("Sharknado 2: The Second One," "Black Ops") as Omnipod, Dynasty Corporation’s sentient handheld device issued to every human at the age of six; and Emmy Award nominee Alan Tudyk (“Resident Alien”) as Cadmus Pryde, founder of Dynastes Corporation.

"WondLa" premieres Friday, June 28 on Apple TV+.

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