Peder Lindell on Playing Morgie in Descendants: The Rise of Red
Pop Culture Unplugged w/ EliasJuly 10, 202400:12:53

Peder Lindell on Playing Morgie in Descendants: The Rise of Red

Join Elias on Pop Culture Unplugged as he sits down with the talented Peder Lindell to discuss his exciting role as Morgie in Disney+'s "Descendants: The Rise of Red." Discover behind-the-scenes stories, insights into his character, and what it's like to be part of the beloved Descendants franchise!

🌟 In This Interview:

Peder Lindell shares his journey to becoming Morgie
Exclusive insights into the making of "Descendants: The Rise of Red"
Peder's experience working with the amazing cast and crew
Fun anecdotes and behind-the-scenes moments

"Descendants: The Rise of Red" follows a new ensemble of Villain Kids (VKs) and legacy characters, featuring a star-studded cast including Brandy as Cinderella, Rita Ora as the Queen of Hearts, Dara Reneé as Ursula’s sister Uliana, Ruby Rose Turner as Bridget/Young Queen of Hearts, Morgan Dudley as Ella/Young Cinderella, Joshua Colley as Young Hook, Peder Lindell as Morgie, Grace Narducci as Fay/Young Fairy Godmother, Jeremy Swift as Principal Merlin, Paolo Montalban as King Charming, and Leonardo Nam as Maddox Hatter. Fans will also be thrilled to see China Anne McClain returning as Uma, now the principal at Auradon Prep, and Melanie Paxson reprising her role as Fairy Godmother.

"Descendants: The Rise of Red" premieres exclusively on Disney+ on Friday, July 12, followed by a special encore on Disney Channel on Friday, August 9, at 8:00 p.m. EDT/PDT. Tune in for an insider's look at the magic and adventure of this highly anticipated film!

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