Aaron Augenblick Teases Exciting Updates on City Island Season 2
Pop Culture Unplugged w/ EliasJuly 01, 202400:19:25

Aaron Augenblick Teases Exciting Updates on City Island Season 2

Join host Elias on Pop Culture Unplugged as he sits down with Aaron Augenblick to discuss the much-anticipated Season 2 of City Island and delve into the creative world of Augenblick Studios. Known for adult animation hits like Ugly Americans (Comedy Central) and Superjail! and The Jellies (Adult Swim), Aaron, alongside partner Daniel Powell (Inside Amy Schumer), has ventured into children's animation with their new company, Future Brain Media. Their first show, City Island, has become a runaway hit on PBS KIDS.

Season 2 of City Island premieres on July 5, with new episodes rolling out every Friday! The series stars Kimia Behpoornia ("Abbott Elementary") and Kimiko Glenn ("Orange is the New Black"), and this season features guest appearances by Rosie Perez, Ali Stroker, Vanessa Bayer, and Rachel Bloom. With 20 new shorts, 585 new characters, and over 400 locations, the new season will continue to deliver engaging civics-centered stories on topics like news media, fact-based reporting, advertising, and the internet. Plus, don’t miss the special musical episodes “Theater Street" and "Holidays," written by comedian Rachel Wenitsky ("The Tonight Show," "SNL," "Story Pirates”).

Tune in for this exciting interview and get an inside look at the innovative world of Aaron Augenblick and City Island!

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