Teri Hatcher on Voicing Muthr and the Heartfelt Journey of 'WondLa' on Apple TV+

Connecting with the Role: Teri Hatcher shared her enthusiasm for the role of Muthr in "WondLa," an Apple TV+ series. She recounted her initial involvement with the project, which began years ago when she recorded the audio books. Author Tony DiTerlizzi later invited her to voice Muthr for the animated series, a role she eagerly accepted.

Mother-Daughter Dynamics: Hatcher described the complex relationship between Muthr and Eva. As Eva, a teenager, straddles the line between seeking independence and relying on the safety of home, Muthr, a robot programmed to keep Eva safe, must navigate the push and pull of letting Eva explore while protecting her. This dynamic mirrors the typical parent-teen relationship, adding depth to their adventure.

Voicing Muthr: Hatcher explained her approach to voicing a robot character. The creative team experimented with the level of robotic intonation and ultimately decided to keep the voice less robotic and more focused on behavior. Hatcher avoided using contractions in her speech, which helped establish Muthr's unique voice pattern, balancing emotional restraint with underlying feelings.

Journey and Themes: Hatcher likened the show to classic tales like "The Wizard of Oz" and "Alice in Wonderland," but with a twist. Instead of returning home, Eva's journey is about surviving in an unpredictable world and discovering that family can be chosen, not just biological. As an only child, Hatcher personally resonated with the concept of found family, reflecting her own life experiences.

Final Thoughts: Teri Hatcher expressed her excitement for the series and her hopes for viewers to connect with the characters and story. She conveyed her gratitude for the opportunity to bring Muthr to life and looked forward to the audience's reactions.