Sam Morelos Talks Season 2 of 'That '90s Show' and Her Exciting  Journey in Entertainment

Family Support: Morelos expressed gratitude for her supportive family. She shared a touching story about her mother's pride in her work, whether it's free Shakespeare in the park or a Netflix hit. This support has been a source of encouragement throughout her career.

Career Aspirations: Morelos has a diverse set of interests within the entertainment industry. She loves theater and has a passion for both acting and singing. Looking ahead, she is interested in exploring single-camera television, film, writing, and directing.

Experience on 'That '90s Show': Reflecting on her experience, Morelos talked about the unique journey of her character, Nikki. She described Nikki's evolution from Season 1 to Season 2, emphasizing the depth and development of her character. Morelos appreciates Nikki's sarcasm and wit, despite sometimes finding her character's judginess challenging.

Fan and Family Reactions: Morelos shared that fans love Nikki for her relatability and grounded nature. Her family is equally proud, often expressing their excitement at her success.

Favorite Aspects of the '90s: Morelos enjoys the fashion and music of the '90s, especially thrifting vintage clothes and listening to '90s R&B. She and her castmates even created Spotify playlists to share their favorite tunes.

Season 2 Insights: Morelos hinted at significant character development for Nikki in Season 2, revealing that Nikki undergoes a transformative journey. She expressed excitement about how the audience will react to the new episodes and the deeper exploration of the characters' relationships.

Future Projects: Morelos teased an upcoming project that she is thrilled about, describing it as a significant step in her career. While she couldn't share details, she promised to return to discuss it once more information is available.

Staying Connected: Fans can follow Morelos on social media to keep up with her latest news and projects. She invited viewers to join her on her journey as she continues to grow in her career.

Sam Morelos concluded the interview with gratitude for the opportunity to connect with fans and share her excitement for the future of "That '90s Show" and her career.