Nora Zehetner Discusses Her Role as Detective Young in the New Crime Thriller 'Boneyard'

Exciting New Thriller: What to Expect from 'Boneyard'

Nora Zehetner joined Pop Culture Unplugged to discuss her role as Detective Young in the new thriller, "Boneyard." When asked about what viewers can expect from the film, Zehetner highlighted the movie's basis on real-life crimes and its gripping thriller elements. She hopes audiences find the film engaging and thought-provoking.

Diving into the Role: Zehetner's Preparation for Detective Young

Zehetner found the story compelling and was excited to take on a role different from her previous work. She prepared for the part by speaking with a female detective to understand the nuances of the profession, emphasizing the importance of representing women in a male-dominated field.

Character Dynamics: Relationships in 'Boneyard'

In "Boneyard," Detective Young's relationship with her partner Ortega and other characters like Police Chief Carter and Detective Ortega plays a significant role. Zehetner enjoyed working with Brian Van Holt, 50 Cent, and Mel Gibson, praising their professionalism and the collaborative atmosphere on set.

Tackling Intense Scenes: Zehetner's Approach

The film tackles disturbing matters, and Zehetner approaches challenging scenes by focusing on her character's actions and emotions. One of her favorite moments was filming an intense scene with Van Holt, where they could balance serious work with light-hearted moments between takes.

The Appeal of Crime Thrillers: Why Audiences Love Them

Zehetner believes that crime thrillers attract viewers due to the fascination with human psychology and the mystery of understanding criminal minds. When asked if she would take on a similar role again, she responded enthusiastically, showing her interest in continuing in the genre.

Looking Forward: 'Boneyard' Release and Audience Reaction

"Boneyard" is set to release soon in theaters and on VOD, and Zehetner looks forward to the audience's reaction to this thrilling new film.