Máiréad Tyers Discusses the Depth and Evolution of Susannah in 'My Lady Jane' on Prime Video

Character Development: Máiréad Tyers discussed how she brought the character of Susannah to life in the series "My Lady Jane." She credited the nuanced writing of Gemma and Maredith for providing a rich foundation. Initially unaware of Susannah's secrets during auditions, Tyers found that as she learned more about the character’s backstory, it enhanced her portrayal. She emphasized the importance of depicting the strong, long-standing relationship between Susannah and Jane, which evolves as Susannah realizes the power dynamics at play.

Appeal of the Alternate Universe: Tyers was intrigued by the series' unique alternate universe setting, which blends various genres. Although she wasn't typically a fan of fantasy, she found that "My Lady Jane" integrates fantasy elements in a way that feels natural and relevant. The show's bravery and ambition in merging comedy, adventure, and historical elements appealed to her as both an actor and viewer.

Balancing Elements: For Tyers, balancing the different elements of fantasy, comedy, and history involved fully believing in each aspect of the story. Despite the historical inaccuracies, she focused on understanding her character's role in society, such as the duties of a maid and the experiences of the lower class. This foundation helped her navigate the heightened stakes introduced by the fantasy elements.

Character Evolution: Tyers expressed her love for Susannah’s character development throughout the series. She appreciated that Susannah is given the opportunity to evolve from a beautiful, subservient maid to a strong, principled, and fearless woman. This transformation allowed Susannah to embrace her identity and become a three-dimensional character with significant impact on the storyline.

Final Thoughts: Máiréad Tyers expressed her enjoyment of working on "My Lady Jane" and her hope for a second season. She believes the show’s blend of genres and compelling character arcs make it a highly enjoyable series for viewers. Tyers looks forward to seeing how audiences react to the series and the potential continuation of Susannah’s journey.