Jordan Peters & Kate O’Flynn on Bringing 'My Lady Jane' to Life on Prime Video

Preparing for Their Roles: Jordan Peters, who plays King Edward, shared how he prepared for his role by diving into the book the series is based on. This helped him understand character relationships and Edward's personality. However, he noted that truly embodying the character came when he was on set, in costume, and surrounded by the palace setting.

Kate O’Flynn, who portrays Mary, approached her character as a wounded child dealing with abandonment issues stemming from her father, Henry VIII. O’Flynn explained that Mary’s ambition and insecurity were key aspects she focused on to bring depth to her character.

Character Surprises: Jordan Peters believes viewers will be delighted by King Edward's discovery of life outside the kingdom. He describes Edward as a kid in a toy store, experiencing new things, falling in love, and learning about the world, which adds a sense of adventure and growth to his character.

Kate O’Flynn thinks the audience might enjoy hating Mary due to her destructive and naughty behavior. She also hints at a potentially steamy and shocking storyline involving Dominic Cooper’s character, which might surprise viewers.

Hopes for the Audience: Both actors expressed their hopes for what viewers will take away from the series. Peters emphasized the fantasy element and entertainment value, which he loves about the show. O’Flynn highlighted the strong ensemble cast and the captivating chemistry between the lead characters, Emily and Edward, which she believes will engage the audience.

Final Thoughts: Jordan Peters and Kate O’Flynn are excited about the series and hopeful for its success. They appreciate the unique blend of historical and fantasy elements in "My Lady Jane" and are eager for viewers to fall in love with the story and characters. They also hinted at the possibility of a second season, depending on the audience's responses.