Jeanine Mason as Eva: Inside the World of 'WondLa'

Excitement for the Role: Jeanine Mason shared her enthusiasm for joining the animated series "WondLa" on Apple TV+. As a lover of animation, working with Skydance and Apple TV+ felt like a dream come true. She praised the team's dedication to creating high-quality, feature-level animated series, which exceeded her expectations in terms of visuals and storytelling. Mason was particularly excited about creating family-friendly content that her nieces and nephews could enjoy.

Connecting with Eva: Mason found a personal connection with her character, Eva, who is curious and enthusiastic. She noted that she felt close to her 16-year-old self and allowed that part of her to influence her portrayal of Eva. While understanding what it's like to grow up in an underground sanctuary was challenging, Mason channeled her own nerdiness and enthusiasm to bring Eva to life.

Eva’s Journey: Describing Eva’s journey, Mason highlighted the epic nature of the adventure. Starting on her 16th birthday, Eva emerges onto the surface of what was once Earth, now called Orbona. Mason appreciated Eva's unapologetic authenticity and her excitement for the daunting tasks ahead. She admired Eva’s optimism and compassion as she navigates difficult situations and encounters various beings.

Special Bond with Otto: Mason expressed her love for Eva’s relationship with Otto, a giant water bear. Voiced by Brad Garrett, Otto serves as a comforting, father-like figure for Eva. Mason humorously mentioned her desire for an Otto stuffed animal, emphasizing the tender and fun dynamic between the characters.

Looking Forward: Mason hinted at the continuation of Eva's story, revealing that seasons two and three are already planned. She expressed her excitement for the trilogy and the future adventures that await Eva and her companions.

Jeanine Mason conveyed her passion for "WondLa" and her character, Eva, while looking forward to sharing the series with audiences and continuing the journey in the upcoming seasons.