Gilles Marini Opens Up About His Powerful Role in 'Murder Company'

Introduction and Personal Connection Gilles Marini joins Pop Culture Unplugged to discuss his new film, Murder Company. As a fellow Greek, Marini shares a friendly connection, highlighting his pride in his Greek heritage and love for soccer, rooting for France due to his upbringing.

Role in 'Murder Company' Marini talks about how he was approached for the role by Richard Switzer, with whom he had previously worked. The script's historical context and homage to his family, especially his grandmother's involvement in World War II, made this role deeply personal and meaningful.

Preparation for the Role Marini shares how he prepared for the role by drawing inspiration from his grandmother's stories about World War II. He emphasizes the emotional impact these stories had on him and how they helped him portray the character authentically.

Training for the Role Marini discusses his background in martial arts and how his father's training as a sniper influenced his preparation for the role. He received additional training from the Bulgarian Special Forces, which added authenticity to his portrayal.

Unique Aspects of the Film Marini praises director Shane Stanley's ability to create a compelling film with limited resources. He describes the production's challenges and how the team's dedication and creativity resulted in a unique and impactful movie.

Collaboration with Director Shane Stanley Marini reflects on his collaboration with Shane Stanley, highlighting the director's openness to ideas and his focus on creating a positive and productive environment on set.

Favorite Moment on Set Marini shares his favorite moment during filming, a powerful scene where his character reveals his motivations. This scene encapsulated the emotional depth of the story for him.

Action Scenes and Cinematography Marini talks about the intense action scenes and the quick-paced filming process. He praises the cinematography and the stunning locations in Bulgaria, which added to the film's visual appeal.

Closing Remarks Marini expresses his excitement for the film's release on July 5th and thanks the audience for their support. He looks forward to future projects and collaborations.