Aaron Augenblick Reveals What's New in City Island Season 2 on PBS Kids

Season Two Launch and Success

It's been an incredible journey. We created City Island as a unique show with a living city and a little light bulb named Watt. The show has resonated well with audiences, particularly because it’s funny, weird, and meaningful. Our goal was to create a magical world, and it seems like people love it. We've just finished premiering a series of music videos, and on July 5th, we have 30 new episodes launching. It's thrilling to see such a positive response.

Resonating with the Audience

What do you think resonates most with the audience about the show? What pulls them in?

I think it’s the fun, magical world we’ve created. Little kids, for example, get excited about pointing out all the faces they see in the show, from clouds to cars. It's reminiscent of Sesame Street, creating a whimsical environment. But beyond that, the core of the show is its characters. Watt, the ambitious little light bulb, and his thoughtful friend Wendy bring depth and heart to the series. This combination of an interesting world and relatable characters is what keeps viewers coming back.

Transition from Adult Animation to Kids Content

You transitioned from adult animation to content for kids. How was that experience?

Our studio has been around for 25 years, primarily known for adult animation. However, about five years ago, I became intrigued by the innovative kids' shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show. These shows were pushing boundaries in ways I found exciting. So, my partner Dan Powell and I decided to venture into the kids' space with Future Brain, our company focused on creating high-quality, imaginative children's content. City Island was born from this desire to apply our skills to a different audience, and it’s been a rewarding transition.

Expanding City Island

Season Two introduces 585 new characters and 400 new locations. How did you come up with so many characters?

The show’s expansive nature means every new environment and storyline introduces new characters. We don’t aim to create a specific number of characters; it just happens organically as we develop the world of City Island. For example, when we create an episode set in Sky Town, we need characters like paper airplanes, balloons, and clouds. It's all about supporting the storytelling goals with new, fun characters.

Voice Casting and Talented Collaborations

How did you go about casting the voices for these characters?

We have an incredible cast of professional adult actors from the comedy and improv world, including talents like Kimiko Glenn and James Adomian. They bring versatility and depth to their roles, allowing us to explore a wide range of characters. It’s amazing to see the emotion and humor they bring to their performances, making the show richer and more engaging.

Future Plans for City Island

What can fans expect next for City Island?

We’re constantly brainstorming new ideas. While I can’t reveal too much, we have exciting plans including video games and music albums. The show’s music, composed by Cornbread Compton, is a significant part of its charm, and we’re thrilled to bring that to fans in new ways. We’re also exploring potential specials and spin-offs. City Island has been well-received, and we’re eager to expand its universe further.

Watching City Island

How can viewers watch City Island?

City Island is widely accessible on platforms like Amazon, YouTube, the PBS Kids app, and Hulu. For kids, the PBS Kids app is an excellent way to watch, offering a safe and easy way to enjoy the show. For updates and behind-the-scenes content, following @CityIslandPBS on Instagram is the best way to stay informed.


Thank you, Aaron, for joining me today on Pop Culture Unplugged.

Thank you for having me. It was great talking about City Island, and I hope everyone enjoys the new season starting July 5th on PBS Kids.