Tom Blyth's Emotional Journey in 'Billy The Kid' Season 2, Part 2
Pop Culture Unplugged w/ EliasMay 27, 202400:05:08

Tom Blyth's Emotional Journey in 'Billy The Kid' Season 2, Part 2

Join Tom Blyth on Pop Culture Unplugged with Elias as he discusses Season 2, Part 2 of 'Billy The Kid.' Tom shares insights into his journey portraying Billy, behind-the-scenes stories, and what to expect in the new episodes. Dive into the drama of the Lincoln County War, filled with wild chases, shootouts, and ambushes. Don't miss this in-depth conversation about the thrilling new season and Tom Blyth's experiences on set!

In Season 2 of 'Billy the Kid,' Billy finds himself in the midst of the brutal Lincoln County War, a conflict fueled by money, greed, and corruption. Murphy's Store loses its monopoly when Englishman John Tunstall arrives, sparking a fierce commercial rivalry. As cowboy gangs and a secret society clash, law and order collapse, leading to wild chases, shootouts, and countless ambushes. After a pivotal assassination, chaos reigns, leaving Billy's fate uncertain. Can he survive the deadly Lincoln County War?

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