Jane Widdop talks about 'It's A Wonderful Knife' on Shudder and AMC+
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Jane Widdop talks about 'It's A Wonderful Knife' on Shudder and AMC+

Jane Widdop talks about It's A Wonderful Knife on Shudder and AMC+

In this upcoming release, we follow the tumultuous life of Winnie Carruthers, who, a year after heroically saving her town from a deranged killer on Christmas Eve, finds herself in a reality far from wonderful. When she utters a wish to erase her existence, she unwittingly plunges into a nightmarish parallel universe. To her dismay, she discovers that without her presence, the town faces an even grimmer fate. The psychotic killer has returned, and Winnie must form an unlikely alliance with the town misfit to unmask the murderer and navigate the treacherous path back to her own reality.

"It's A Wonderful Knife" cleverly weaves elements of classic holiday tales, reminiscent of "It's A Wonderful Life," with the pulse-pounding suspense of "Scream." As viewers brace themselves for the release, they can anticipate a riveting journey through a dark and twisted landscape where the line between reality and nightmare blurs. Get ready for a December 1st filled with suspense, horror, and unexpected twists as "It's A Wonderful Knife" unfolds its gripping narrative on Shudder, AMC+, and various movie rental platforms.

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