Director Jonah Feingold discusses his latest film 'EXmas' on Freevee - A must-watch!
Pop Culture Unplugged w/ EliasNovember 14, 202300:08:43

Director Jonah Feingold discusses his latest film 'EXmas' on Freevee - A must-watch!

Director Jonah Feingold recently engaged in a compelling conversation with host Elias in the cave, shedding light on his latest cinematic creation, "EXmas." Scheduled to premiere on Amazon Freevee on November 17, this holiday-themed romantic comedy unfolds an unexpected narrative when Graham (Robbie Amell) decides to surprise his family for Christmas, only to discover his ex-fiancée, Ali (Leighton Meester), already in attendance. The ensuing comedic showdown between the two former lovers sets the stage for a festive battle, determining who will secure the family's favor for the holiday season and who will be making a hasty exit. Brimming with a delightful blend of heartwarming moments and uproarious chaos, "EXmas" pledges to deliver a one-of-a-kind and entertaining holiday experience.

This film represents BuzzFeed Studios' second venture into Freevee Original romantic comedies, building on the success of their earlier release, "Puppy Love," in the summer. Producers Richard Alan Reid, Michael Philip, and Jason Moring bring their creative prowess to the project, contributing to its imaginative vision. Under the direction of Jonah Feingold and the penmanship of Dan Steele, "EXmas" is poised to captivate audiences with its festive spirit and humorous exploration of the intricate dynamics surrounding holiday reunions. Get ready for a cinematic treat that captures the essence of the season with a unique and comedic twist.

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