Ava Mone’t, Tatyana Ali and EP/Director Armani Ortiz talk 'Perimeter' on BET+
Pop Culture Unplugged w/ EliasFebruary 29, 202400:07:31

Ava Mone’t, Tatyana Ali and EP/Director Armani Ortiz talk 'Perimeter' on BET+

Join host Elias from Pop Culture Unplugged as he sits down with the talented cast and crew of the highly-anticipated 4-part episodic series 'Perimeter,' set to premiere on BET+. Get an exclusive glimpse into the making of the show as Ava Mone’t, Tatyana Ali, and EP/Director Armani Ortiz share insights and behind-the-scenes anecdotes on press day. Don't miss this insightful discussion about 'Perimeter' on BET+!"

Perimeter - In Atlanta, in the 1990’s a complex web of personal stories unfolds. Paige, a promising Spelman sophomore, veers off her path to success when she falls for a "bad boy" just before the pivotal "Freaknik" event. Adulthood disrupts their lives, pulling Paige, her long-term boyfriend Malcolm, and newcomer Romeo into a series of challenges. Amidst Atlanta's global Olympic spotlight, eventual mayor Robert Dawn’s rise to power comes at the price of personal sacrifices and moral dilemmas. These interconnected stories set off a transformative chain reaction in the city, echoing Dante's words: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

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