Alix Angelis Discusses 'Imaginary' and 'This Is Me... Now'
Pop Culture Unplugged w/ EliasMarch 23, 202400:13:14

Alix Angelis Discusses 'Imaginary' and 'This Is Me... Now'

Join host Elias on Pop Culture Unplugged as he sits down with the talented Alix Angelis. You may recognize Alix from her recent captivating performance in Blumhouse's chilling horror feature, IMAGINARY, where she portrays Samantha], a role that's both juicy and pivotal. Additionally, Alix stars in JLo's cinematic music experience, THIS IS ME...NOW: A LOVE STORY, currently available on Amazon Prime. Stay tuned as Alix shares insights into her upcoming project, DO NOT WATCH, slated for theatrical release later this year. Don't miss this exclusive interview with a rising star in the entertainment industry!

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