Unveiling ’Robbie Ain’t Right No More’ with Madeleine McGraw and Kyle Perritt
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Unveiling ’Robbie Ain’t Right No More’ with Madeleine McGraw and Kyle Perritt

Madeleine McGraw and director Kyle Perritt delve into the intricacies of their latest project, the chilling short horror film "Robbie Ain't Right No More," in an exclusive interview with Elias. The film, is a genre-bending exploration of PTSD, brought to life through the talented performance of Madeleine McGraw, known for her role in "The Black Phone."

Kyle Perritt, the mastermind behind this spine-chilling tale, is a former U.S. Marine whose passion for filmmaking ignited upon his return home in 2011. Having explored various roles within the film industry, he has emerged as a versatile talent, writing, producing, and directing multiple short films. Among his recent works is the horror comedy "Cupcake," but it is "Robbie Ain't Right No More" that stands out as a testament to his storytelling prowess.

“Robbie Ain't Right No More," a genre bending take on PTSD starring Madeleine McGraw. The gripping new short horror film comes from the mind of former Marine turned filmmaker Kyle Perritt which is slated to make the festival rounds this fall ahead of its December 1, 2023 release. The film follows Sarah (Madeleine McGraw - -THE BLACK PHONE) who was incredibly close with her older brother Robbie (Jadon Cal - LAST OF THE GRADS) before he went off to war. But now he's cold and distant. He does not seem quite right anymore. When Sarah refuses to let him slip away, she finds out he brought something horrific home with him.

You can watch this interview on YouTube https://youtu.be/tA_kK6Psplc

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