Tom Blyth's Heartfelt Return in 'Billy The Kid' Season 2: Part 2
Pop Culture Unplugged w/ EliasJune 02, 202405:077.05 MB

Tom Blyth's Heartfelt Return in 'Billy The Kid' Season 2: Part 2

Join Tom Blyth on Pop Culture Unplugged with Elias as he delves into the gripping Season 2, Part 2 of 'Billy The Kid.' Tom reveals his emotional journey portraying Billy, shares behind-the-scenes stories, and teases what’s in store for the new episodes. Explore the intense drama of the Lincoln County War, packed with wild chases, shootouts, and ambushes. Don’t miss this deep dive into the thrilling season and Tom Blyth's on-set experiences!

In Season 2 of 'Billy the Kid,' Billy is caught in the brutal Lincoln County War, a battle driven by money, greed, and corruption. The arrival of Englishman John Tunstall challenges Murphy's Store monopoly, igniting a fierce commercial rivalry. As cowboy gangs and a secret society clash, law and order disintegrates, leading to relentless chases, shootouts, and ambushes. Amidst a pivotal assassination, chaos ensues, leaving Billy's fate hanging in the balance. Will he survive the deadly Lincoln County War?

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