Ezekiel Pacheco: A Tale of Transformation Through ’At The Gates’
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Ezekiel Pacheco: A Tale of Transformation Through ’At The Gates’

Step into the shadows of "At The Gates" with an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview featuring Ezekiel Pacheco in the cave on Press Day, host Elias delves deep into the heart of this highly anticipated film, directed by the talented Augustus Meleo Bernstein and featuring a stellar cast that includes Miranda Otto, Noah Wyle, Vanessa Benavente, Sadie Stanley, and the enigmatic Ezekiel Pacheco himself.

As the spotlight turns towards Ezekiel, he unveils the secrets behind his compelling role and provides a rare glimpse into the intricate tapestry of the filmmaking process. Join us as Ezekiel Pacheco sheds light on the captivating world of "At The Gates," offering invaluable insights that enrich the cinematic experience.

"At The Gates" unravels a gripping narrative centered around Ana (Vanessa Benavente), a housekeeper from El Salvador, who, accompanied by her teenage son Nico (Ezekiel Pacheco), finds themselves entangled in a web of suspense. When the front gate rings, Marianne (Miranda Otto) and Peter Barris (Noah Wyle), their affluent employers, reveal a sinister truth—immigration officers are on the prowl. The duo is coerced into hiding in a basement closet, stripped of their cell phones for safety. As the days unfold beneath the same roof, suspicions rise, and each family questions the other's true intentions.

Join us for an exploration of the hidden depths within "At The Gates," where secrets lurk, tensions escalate, and Ezekiel Pacheco's performance becomes a cornerstone of this cinematic journey.

You can watch this interview on YouTube https://youtu.be/qaEJF0MRG7g

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