Elizabeth Hurley & Damian Hurley Discuss Their Collaboration in "Strictly Confidential"
Pop Culture Unplugged w/ EliasApril 09, 202409:0012.37 MB

Elizabeth Hurley & Damian Hurley Discuss Their Collaboration in "Strictly Confidential"

Join Elias on Pop Culture Unplugged as he sits down with Elizabeth Hurley and Damian Hurley to discuss Lionsgate's gripping new thriller 'STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.' Directed by Damian Hurley in his feature film debut and starring Elizabeth Hurley, Georgia Lock, Lauren McQueen, Freddie Thorp, and Genevieve Gaunt, the film is set for a day & date release (in Theaters and Digital/OnDemand) on April 5th, 2024. Follow a haunted young woman as she's drawn into a dangerous web of infidelity, betrayal, and murder while unraveling the mystery behind her best friend's untimely death. Discover exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes details about this captivating cinematic experience. Don't miss out on this intriguing conversation!"

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