Annabel O'Hagan's Transformation into 'Steph Harper' in 'Fallout
Pop Culture Unplugged w/ EliasMay 27, 202428:3339.22 MB

Annabel O'Hagan's Transformation into 'Steph Harper' in 'Fallout

Join us on Pop Culture Unplugged as Annabel O'Hagan sits down with Elias to discuss her exciting role as Steph Harper in the blockbuster TV series 'Fallout' on Prime Video. In this exclusive interview, Annabel shares her career journey, the audition process for 'Fallout,' and her experience bringing Steph Harper to life. Hear about working with a star-studded cast, the show's massive success, and Annabel's thoughts on her other notable roles, her acting training, and upcoming projects. Don't miss this behind-the-scenes look and engaging pop culture discussion.

Fallout - The series depicts the aftermath of the Great War of 2077, an apocalyptic nuclear exchange between the United States and China in an alternate history of Earth where advances in nuclear technology after WWII led to the emergence of a retrofuturistic society and a subsequent resource war.Many survivors took refuge in fallout bunkers known as Vaults, most being unaware that each Vault was designed to perform sociological and psychological experiments on the Vault Dwellers on behalf of Vault-Tec. More than 200 years later in 2296,[3] a young woman named Lucy leaves behind her home in Vault 33 to venture out into the dangerously unforgiving wasteland of a devastated Los Angeles to look for her father, who had been kidnapped by wasteland raiders. Along the way, she meets a Brotherhood of Steel squire and legendary ghoul bounty hunter, each having their own mysterious pasts and agendas to settle.

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