Zac Looker Discusses His Role in 'Geek Girl' and Acting Journey

Screening Experience Zac Looker shared his excitement about the recent screening of "Geek Girl." Despite arriving late, he appreciated seeing the final product and reconnecting with cast and crew members. The screening made the project feel real and tangible, moving it beyond the production bubble.

Acting Journey and Inspirations Looker discussed his acting journey, which began with school plays. There wasn't a single defining moment that solidified his passion for acting; it was a gradual realization. He emphasized his luck in being able to pursue acting continuously.

Preference for Theater and Screen Acting Although he enjoys both theater and screen acting, Looker expressed a desire to do more theater due to its extended rehearsal periods and iterative performances. He noted that screen acting often feels rushed, with limited rehearsal time and final control resting with the editors.

Dream Roles and Aspirations Looker mentioned his aspiration to play Richard III, highlighting his appreciation for complex and challenging roles.

Audition Process for 'Geek Girl' For "Geek Girl," Looker auditioned for the role of Toby, which resonated with him immediately. His audition process was brief compared to some of his co-stars, involving only a self-tape and an in-room audition. He connected deeply with Toby's voice and character traits.

Character Connection and Development Looker found Toby's awkward irreverence and peaceful demeanor appealing. Toby's character required a nuanced performance, exploring a young person at peace with himself. This balance of inner tranquility and outward awkwardness intrigued Looker.

Costume and Character Insight The costume fittings played a significant role in shaping Toby's character. Looker noted that Toby's meticulous attention to how he dresses, focusing on ritual rather than appearance, added depth to his portrayal.

On-Screen Chemistry with Emily Looker and Emily, who plays Harriet, developed strong on-screen chemistry. He praised Emily's ease as a scene partner, making their interactions feel natural and genuine.

Expectations for the Series Looker hopes viewers will find a sense of self-acceptance and connection through Toby's character. He wants the audience to feel less alone in their confusion and geekiness, mirroring Toby's journey in the series.

Toby's Unique Traits Looker noted that Toby's indifference to others' opinions and his focus on personal rituals make him a unique character. He hopes the audience will see a bit of themselves in Toby and embrace their own quirks.

Season 1 and Future Projects The first season of "Geek Girl" consists of ten episodes, and Looker believes it's a highly bingeable show due to its fast pace and engaging storyline. While he couldn't reveal details about upcoming projects, he expressed enthusiasm for future opportunities.

Looker is hopeful for a second season of "Geek Girl" to continue Toby's story and further explore the character's development.