Unraveling "Lazareth" with Asher Angel

Welcome to Pop Culture Unplugged! Today, we're thrilled to be joined by Asher Angel to delve into his latest project, "Lazareth." Thank you for being here with us, Asher.

Embracing the Thrills of "Lazareth":
Asher shares his excitement for the impending release of "Lazareth," emphasizing its gripping blend of thriller and mystery. He highlights the need for attentive viewing to catch the subtle nuances woven throughout the narrative.

Themes and Expectations:
Diving into the film's thematic depth, Asher discusses its exploration of family, resilience, and the human spirit in the face of adversity. He reflects on the film's resonance in a post-pandemic world and its poignant message for audiences.

A Departure from the Ordinary: Embracing a Darker Role:
Asher reflects on his portrayal of Owen in "Lazareth," a character vastly different from his previous roles. He embraces the challenge of embodying a mature and edgy persona, adding layers to his acting repertoire.

Preparing for the Role:
Asher sheds light on his process of preparing for the role, emphasizing the importance of understanding Owen's past traumas and vulnerabilities. He discusses the creation of a rich backstory, enriching the character's complexity.

Navigating Challenges on Set:
Reflecting on the filming experience, Asher identifies the nonlinear storytelling as a significant challenge. Despite initial concerns, he collaborated closely with the director to ensure a cohesive portrayal of Owen's character.

Possibilities for Continuation:
Asher hints at the potential for future installments of the "Lazareth" story, expressing enthusiasm for further exploration of its narrative depths. He praises the film's conclusion for leaving room for speculation and continuation.

Legacy of Owen's Character:
Asher hopes viewers will remember the poignant bond between Owen and Imogene, emphasizing its transformative impact on his character's journey. He underscores the significance of their connection in shaping Owen's arc.

Looking Ahead:
In closing, Asher expresses gratitude for the opportunity to discuss "Lazareth" and shares his excitement for future projects. He remains optimistic about the possibility of returning to beloved franchises like "Shazam," leaving fans eager for what's to come.