Unmasking Departing Seniors: A Conversation with Ignacio Diaz-Silvario

Step into the intriguing world of "Departing Seniors" as we sit down with Ignacio Diaz-Silvario, the talented actor bringing the character of Javier to life. In this exclusive interview, Ignacio shares his thoughts on the unique horror-comedy blend, the rapid pace of joining the project, and the admirable qualities of his character, Javier.

Exciting Times and Rapid Fire Start: Ignacio expresses his enthusiasm for the upcoming release on February 2nd and dives into the whirlwind experience of joining "Departing Seniors." From auditioning right after wrapping up another project to the fast-paced shooting schedule, he reflects on the excitement and challenges that accompanied his involvement.

Connecting with Javier: As the conversation delves into Ignacio's approach to portraying Javier, the actor shares his perspective on feeling like an outsider and how that relatability eased his connection with the character. He emphasizes the importance of not infantilizing teenage characters and staying true to the emotional authenticity of the story.

Balancing Comedy and Horror: Navigating the thin line between comedy and horror, Ignacio sheds light on his approach to playing the truth of circumstances. He discusses the constant absurdity of life and how, when all elements come together, the film delivers moments that are funny, scary, or anything in between.

Admiring Javier: Ignacio opens up about what he admires in his character, Javier. He sees Javier as unapologetically himself, unafraid to be who he is despite facing challenges. The actor recognizes the admirable qualities in Javier's journey, creating a character worth rooting for.

Chemistry with Johnny and Filming Dynamics: Discussing the on-screen chemistry with Johnny, Ignacio describes it as something that naturally falls into place. He shares the positive experience of working with Johnny, highlighting his kindness, warmth, and generosity. Their close relationship off-screen contributed to the authenticity of their on-screen dynamic.

Hopes for Horror Fans: As the interview wraps up, Ignacio shares his hopes for the horror fans tuning in. He aims for laughter, surprises, and genuine emotional engagement, emphasizing the desire for the film to resonate with the audience on multiple levels.

Conclusion: Ignacio Diaz-Silvario's insights offer a peek behind the scenes of "Departing Seniors." From the challenges of rapid casting to the nuances of balancing tones in a horror-comedy, this interview provides a unique perspective on the making of the film. As February 2nd approaches, Ignacio invites horror fans to join the roller coaster ride of emotions, laughs, and scares that "Departing Seniors" promises to deliver.