Theo Iyer: Navigating the Journey from The Morning Show on Apple TV+  to SAG Nominee

In a candid conversation with Theo Iyer, known for his role as Kyle on Apple TV+'s "The Morning Show," we delve into his remarkable journey in the entertainment industry, from humble beginnings to receiving a SAG Award nomination. Here's a glimpse into our conversation

Reflecting on Roots and Beginnings: Theo's journey began in Durban, South Africa, before his family moved to Irvine, California. Despite initial uncertainty, a high school elective in drama ignited his passion for acting. Encouraged by his teacher and supportive immigrant parents, he pursued his dream, eventually earning a BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

Challenges and Growth: Navigating the unpredictability of an actor's life, Theo emphasizes the challenge of finding contentment amidst uncertainty. He reflects on the importance of perseverance and self-worth during periods of professional drought, highlighting the continual pursuit of growth as an artist.

Artistic Inspiration and Role Models: Theo draws inspiration from icons like Denzel Washington and Jeremy Strong, admiring their dedication to craft and societal impact. He credits Denzel's resilience and cultural significance as a driving force behind his own artistic journey.

The Morning Show Experience: Originally auditioning for the role of Kyle, Theo found resonance in his character's professional dedication and empathetic demeanor. Reflecting on his on-screen dynamic with Billy Crudup's character, Cory, Theo acknowledges the collaborative spirit and mentorship he received on set.

SAG Nomination and Beyond: Surprised by his SAG Award nomination, Theo expresses gratitude for the recognition and its broader significance for marginalized communities in the industry. With projects like "Shortcomings" and personal milestones like his upcoming wedding, Theo embraces the multifaceted nature of his career.

Future Endeavors: While uncertain about Kyle's future in "The Morning Show," Theo remains committed to honing his craft, auditioning for diverse roles, and relishing personal milestones. With the SAG Awards on the horizon and new projects in the pipeline, Theo's journey continues to evolve.

Conclusion: Theo Iyer's journey from South Africa to Hollywood exemplifies resilience, passion, and the transformative power of storytelling. As he navigates the complexities of an actor's life, Theo's unwavering dedication to craft and community serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists worldwide.