Scrambled Unveiled: A Candid Conversation with Leah McKendrick

Introduction: Embark on a revealing journey into the world of "Scrambled" with Leah McKendrick, the multi-talented force behind the film. In this exclusive interview, Leah shares her excitement, the creative process behind the movie's poster, and the challenges and inspirations that led her to take on the roles of writer, director, and star.

The Countdown to Release: Leah kicks off the conversation with her infectious excitement as she compares the anticipation to Christmas Eve. She candidly admits to a lack of sleep, attributing it to a mix of nerves and exhilaration, setting the stage for the rollercoaster of emotions that "Scrambled" promises.

From Concept to Creation: Leah delves into the inception of "Scrambled," a project where she wears multiple hats. She reveals the personal inspiration behind the film, describing it as a comedy about the existential horrors she experienced as a 34-year-old. The rapid pace of life during the pandemic and a desire to create a relatable narrative led her to take charge of her dream project.

Decoding the Poster: Discussing the unique poster design, Leah gives credit to her designer, Nancy, for capturing the essence of the film. She narrates the story behind the striking visuals, involving a recreated scene from the movie that adds a layer of authenticity to the promotional material.

Nellie's Origin and Challenges: Leah sheds light on her character, Nellie, emphasizing that Nellie is an intimate extension of herself. She shares the challenges of transitioning from an actor to a director, highlighting the fear associated with directing other actors and building an entire world for her directorial debut.

Nellie's Transformative Journey: Leah articulates Nellie's journey throughout the film as wily, messy, raw, deeply female, and ultimately liberating. She draws parallels between Nelly and her own experiences, creating a character that feels authentic, relatable, and liberated by the end.

Advice and Mentorship: Leah reflects on the valuable advice she received, particularly about imposter syndrome. Bruce Miller's counsel to embrace her emotional expertise and speak in her language rather than trying to master technical jargon freed her from unnecessary pressures, allowing her to focus on her strengths.

Balancing Tones: Addressing the tonal complexity of "Scrambled," Leah acknowledges the challenge of blending humor and drama seamlessly. She draws inspiration from real-life awkward and messy moments, aiming to capture the true essence of human experience in all its unpredictability.

Future Ventures with Nellie: Leah hints at the possibility of exploring Nellie's character in the future, sharing that various ideas and titles have been pitched to her. She leaves the door open for more stories within the realm of Nellie's thirties and the societal pressures women face.

Audience Takeaway: Leah expresses her hope for audiences to recognize and celebrate achievements beyond conventional milestones, especially in the realm of fertility. She urges a collective effort to support and cheer each other on, irrespective of individual choices regarding family planning.

Conclusion: As Leah McKendrick bares it all in this insightful conversation, "Scrambled" emerges as more than just a film; it's a heartfelt exploration of life's messy, unpredictable moments. With Leah's candidness and passion evident in every word, the audience is left eagerly anticipating the release of "Scramble" and the emotional rollercoaster it promises to deliver.