Joel Montgrand Discusses His Role as Eddie Qavvik in 'True Detective: Night Country'

Introduction: From True Detective to Avatar

Today, we're chatting with Joel Montgrand, known for his role as Eddie Qavvik in True Detective: Night Country and his upcoming appearance in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Joel shares insights about his acting journey, experiences on set, and future aspirations.

Joel's Acting Journey

Joel's journey into the entertainment industry began with a twist of fate. Peer pressure led him to audition for a high school musical, where he discovered his passion for acting. Despite initial challenges, Joel pursued acting through community theater and improv, learning the craft through hands-on experience.

From Community Theater to the Big Screen

Transitioning from community theater to professional acting, Joel found success early on, booking several roles in his initial auditions. Without formal acting training, he honed his skills through practical experience, embracing every opportunity to perform and challenge himself.

Teaching, Traveling, and Career Milestones

Joel's unconventional path included teaching in Korea for three years, where he discovered his knack for entertaining and engaging students. His diverse experiences and dedication to his craft ultimately led him to pursue acting full-time, overcoming financial obstacles along the way.

Launching a Podcast: Highlighting Indigenous Voices

During a hiatus in his acting career, Joel launched a podcast dedicated to showcasing indigenous actors. Inspired by the lack of representation in mainstream media, Joel created a platform to uplift indigenous voices and celebrate their contributions to the industry.

True Detective: Behind the Scenes

Joining the cast of True Detective: Night Country, Joel immersed himself in the role of Eddie Qavvik, a bartender with a strong moral compass. Despite initial doubts about his character's trajectory, Joel embraced the opportunity to bring authenticity to his portrayal.

Working with Industry Icons

Joel reflects on his experiences working with industry legends like Jodie Foster and Kaley Cuoco, highlighting their talent, generosity, and camaraderie on set. From intimate scenes to improvised moments, Joel cherishes the collaborative spirit of the filmmaking process.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: A Global Phenomenon

As anticipation builds for Avatar: The Last Airbender, Joel shares his excitement about joining the cast of this highly anticipated series. With the show garnering global attention, Joel looks forward to contributing to its success and connecting with fans worldwide.

Future Aspirations and Closing Thoughts

Looking ahead, Joel aims to pursue diverse and challenging roles, inspired by characters like Eddie Qavvik and Joel from The Last of Us. Whether tackling dramatic or comedic roles, Joel remains dedicated to his craft and passionate about storytelling.


Joel Montgrand's journey from community theater to Hollywood serves as a testament to perseverance, talent, and the power of representation. As he continues to make his mark in the entertainment industry, Joel remains committed to uplifting indigenous voices and inspiring future generations of actors.