Christine Lakin: Reflecting on Step by Step, new podcast 'Keanan and Lakin Give You Déjà Vu' 90's Con & more

Christine Lakin, known for her role in "Step by Step," graciously shares insights into her recent endeavors, including her podcast and upcoming projects. In this interview, she delves into the nostalgia of '90s television, her experiences on set, and the camaraderie with her former castmates.

Conversation Highlights:

  • The interview kicks off with a warm welcome and gratitude for Christine Lakin's presence.
  • Christine reflects on her busy schedule since her last interview and her relentless pursuit of new projects.

Directing and Acting: Finding Balance

  • Christine discusses her love for directing and acting, expressing openness to both avenues in her career.
  • She shares her excitement about her podcast, "'Keanan and Lakin Give You Déjà Vu" and the unique dynamic with co-host Stacey Keenan.

Creating the Podcast: Step by Step Rewatch

  • The origin story of their podcast is revealed, highlighting the unique premise of revisiting "Step by Step" with Stacey Keenan, who has never seen the show before.
  • Christine reflects on the challenges and eventual triumphs of launching their podcast, including finding the right team and format.

Behind the Scenes of "Step by Step"

  • Fond memories of filming "Step by Step" resurface as Christine recalls experiences on set and the camaraderie among the cast.
  • She shares insights into the nostalgic appeal of '90s sitcoms and the enduring connection viewers have with shows like "Step by Step."

Reflecting on Suzanne Somers

  • Christine pays tribute to Suzanne Somers, sharing cherished memories and the lasting impact of her presence on the set.

Upcoming Projects and Nostalgic Reunions

  • Amidst discussions of future projects, Christine shares her excitement about an upcoming convention reunion with her "Step by Step" castmates.
  • The interview concludes with a glimpse into Christine's future projects and how fans can stay connected with her on social media.

Conclusion: Christine Lakin's journey from '90s sitcom star to multifaceted creator is a testament to her passion for storytelling and connection. As she navigates the worlds of directing, podcasting, and more, her dedication to authenticity and nostalgia continues to resonate with audiences old and new.