Behind the Mask: A Conversation with Director Claire Cooney latest film 'Departing Seniors'

Introduction: Welcome to the world of "Departing Seniors," a horror-comedy that promises an exhilarating ride into the unknown. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with the mastermind behind the scenes, Director Clare Cooney. As she shares insights into her inspiration, challenges, and the art of crafting multi-dimensional characters, get ready to dive into the intriguing world she has brought to life.

Setting the Stage: As the conversation unfolds, Clare expresses her initial attraction to the project—fascination with unique characters, their dry sense of humor, and a desire to explore a genre outside her comfort zone. With a background in thrillers, dramas, and comedies, Clare saw "Departing Seniors" as an exciting challenge, blending a human, relatable story with the familiar tropes of horror, thriller, and slasher genres.

Balancing Tones: The director delves into the intricate task of balancing horror, comedy, and real dramatic stakes. Clare emphasizes the need to navigate the delicate equilibrium, giving due credence to moments of pain, bullying, and the challenges of growing up. Her insights into dialing in on the unique tone of the film shed light on the complexity of the project.

Casting Alchemy: Clare sheds light on the casting process, underscoring its pivotal role in shaping the film. The lead actors, Ignacio and Irene, emerge as pillars, their chemistry laying the foundation for a successful collaboration. The director's emphasis on casting actors who can handle the nuanced tones—from dry humor to genuine grit—reveals the meticulousness behind assembling the cast.

Script Revelations and Wild Rides: The director takes us on a wild ride through the script, sharing her initial reaction and the challenges of bringing the intricate plot to life within a tight schedule of 16 days. Clare's recount of the journey reflects the creativity and dedication invested in the project.

Creating Multi-Dimensional Characters: Exploring the psychology of human behavior becomes a central theme as Clare discusses the process of creating multi-dimensional characters. Casting choices, especially Ignacio and Irene, are highlighted as key to infusing authenticity, heart, and vulnerability into the characters.

Unveiling Relationships and Mentorship: Without delving into spoilers, Clare hints at the complex relationship dynamics, particularly between characters Harvey and Mr. R2. Describing it as that of a mentor, she touches on the nuances of bonding and guidance within a backdrop of horror and drama.

Hopes for Horror Fans: As the conversation wraps up, Clare shares her hopes for the horror fans tuning in. From the iconic mask to the subtlety of kills, she aims to offer a unique and fun roller coaster experience. The director's infectious enthusiasm for the film sets the stage for an unforgettable viewing on February 2nd.

Conclusion: "Departing Seniors" under the direction of Clare Cooney promises to be more than just a horror-comedy—it's a roller coaster of emotions, a carefully crafted blend of tones, and an exploration of characters that transcend clichés. Buckle up for a fun and thrilling experience as you step behind the mask with Claire and the talented cast.